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The Heart Stone Cutting Garden

Well it's blazing June and we are very excited to announce the arrival of our first crop of sweet peas from the Heart Stone Cutting Garden. !

Its a project we started back in January clearing away the brambles and nettles and digging a whole new section of the garden to accommodate Saras' obsession with flowers ! We built a drystone wall....created arches and fences from hazel branches we cut from the main garden,.dug up enormous stones and some very interesting fossils along the way!

The objective is to use our homegrown florals to create a brand new range of photographic gift cards...its an ongoing project and throws up new ideas every day when we go down the garden first thing in the morning with the dogs and see whats in bloom !

Follow our journey through the seasons and enjoy little snippets of life from The Heart Stone Cutting Garden.

Sara and Hugh

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